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  • Roasted Vegetable Platter
  • Herb Rice with Dried Cranberry and Toasted Cashews
Vegetarian Main Dish Suggestions
  • penne pasta primavera
  • pasta w/marinara, pesto or alfredo sauce
  • spanakopita
  • spinach noodle lasagna
  • veggie lasagna
  • tortellini pesto salad w/sun dried tomatoes, olives, pine nuts
  • tomato tart provencal
  • triple mushroom tart
  • bean curd in spicy sauce
  • fresh asparagus w/honey mustard drizzle, sliced almonds
  • asparagus w/tarragon vinaigrette drizzle
  • French green beans w/roasted baby tomatoes, vinaigrette & feta cheese
  • carrot-mushroom-pecan ring
  • green beans and corn w/tangy peanut sauce
  • green beans and shiitake mushrooms w/balsamic vinaigrette
  • carrot, zucchini, cabbage stir fry
  • zucchini or artichoke frittata
  • zucchini-carrot pancakes
  • tomato or mushroom tart
  • grilled or roasted assorted vegetables
Sample Veggie Meal 
  • mixed green or Caesar salad
  • spanikopita
  • carrot bundt ring
  • roasted mixed veggies
  • choice of dessert